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Hello world!


Hello everybody! I decided to combine three things at the same time: studying web programming, creating of my own website and trying to collect my photos and photo reports in a single space)
You can read more about me in the appropriate section.
I’ll finish the site and I after that try to maintain it in a “live” condition. By the way, despite the fact that it is simple (HTML5 + CSS3) with the only borrowed js-module (gallery), I spent about two weeks to create it. Created it from scratch in my own design, without using any out-of-the-box solutions or constructors. The site is still filling with content and in process of translation. Something will be added, something will be removed. In short, this is my training ground, constant changes await it
If you find any incorrect thing or errors, please contact me.
Enjoy reading / viewing!

P.S. HTML and CSS codes pass validation process and accepted by World Wide Web Consortium - W3C :)

Правильный CSS!